Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Preparation

60 more days to go! I am looking forward to this big day, but for some reasons I am also feeling sad and heavy hearted. I am sad that I have to leave Ginger here to someone, he has been with me for the past 6 years, good time and bad time, and he kept me company. I really hope I can find him a good home while I am away. Luckily I have 2 friends who offered me options, we will try out to see which one is better for him. Anita and David whom previously took care of Ginger has offer help, she proposed to keep Ginger at her shop, I have no doubt that Ginger will be taken good care of, the only worry I have is that Ginger get's too excited with the furniture in her shop or sneak out roaming. On the other hand, Amy has also offer to take care of Ginger, yah she has always been an angel, she had a dog before but no experience with cat. I am sure cat is much easier to handle then dog. I'm more worry about Amy, if you know her you will know what I mean. Hehe... So let see what Ginger prefer...
While the planning takes place, I have went for 5 Spanish lessons, found out that a friend of my friend has lived in Mexico for 10 years, I have asked him to teach me and he gladly say yes. The progress is ok during the intense 5 lessons in a month but after he has left to China. I was left with the book to practice, I have to say I have not been working hard. No progress at all. :-(
Today I went online to check on US Visa application, since I am Malaysian, I need to go thru the pain of application and interview. We have to pay up front before even submitting the application. It is none refundable of S$196 whether you get it or not!  That's a good way to get money from foreigner and we have to specifically pay in Standard Chartered Bank, wth.... you can't imagine what are the questions asked in the form.
Today also my boss told me he needs to talk to me, ok guess what he has to say? So I haven't had a chance to speak to you, when are you leaving? When is your last day? When are you going to submit your resignation? And thank you for the heads up! Yup! That is all he wants to talk to me. From this point, I am really glad that I am leaving in 2 months.
As the date comes closer, I'm worry that I might not have a chance to say good bye to everyone, so why not arrange a farewell party so I can do it all at once? Winnie's idea and she has offered to help me organize a farewell party, she is a sweetheart! I am happy that 80% of all my friends will be able to make it to this great party. Yah! It will be great! :-) 16 Apr 2011 will be the date. Mark your calendar!
Moving and packing, can’t be so hard right? Just a few fishes, plants, cat, furniture, kitchenware, 35kg of dive equipment and cameras, 2 full cupboards of cloths, 10 huge photo frames, etc... 10 years in Singapore that’s so much stuff I have collected. I have been moving my stuff back since last year, the house still looks quiet full. This month I will go back to Kuantan with allowance of 52kg luggage, so i will try to move half if not quarter of the house back. I have also put up some items for SALE on Facebook MarketPlace hopefully to clear some of them to fund my trip. If you do need the following items, please let me know.
Maxcoil “Exquistic Plush” mattress Queen size 60”x75” – S$250 (Life time warranty)
Panasonic 2C DVD Stereo System – S$40
Toyomi table fan – S$20
KDK table fan – S$20
Sona Box Stand fan – S$20
Delonghi Blender with mill – S$40
4 Ikea  stools – S$10 for all
6 Ikea Trones shoe cabinet – S$10 each
Good quality Barang-barang Kitchen Table with 4 stool(black wood) – S$390
These 2 months I have been very active in Couchsurfing too, if you do not know what is this check out www.couchsurfing.com. This is a great site where travelers offer their couch to each other, I have been hosting a lot of travelers, it was great to meet them and learn from their knowledge and experience while travelling. I will be also using this method to travel and meet people in my RTW trip. Partly to have the culture exchange and to have friends while travelling.
Until the next update, stay happy!