Saturday, October 29, 2011

San Agustin, Colombia 21- 24 Oct 2011

The bus journey to San Agustin is horribly bumpy, 5 hours of bumpy ride on the unpaved road but lucky we had some amazing view to distract us from the rough journey. I met Jannie and Joann on the bus, there are travelling South America as well going down south to Brazil. We had the same idea of staying at El Finca Maco and we were the only 3 foreigners on the bus. We had to switch to a jeep at the junction 5km from San Agustin where the bus continues to Pitalito. We arrived around 2pm after 5 hours, not bad for the speed because normally it takes more than 6 hours.

The El Finca Maco hostel is 1km out of San Agustin town up at a hill top. The dorms are in a corn shape hut with a half open air shower. Each bed has a mosquito net. A big space in the middle of the hut, I find it pretty. :-)

We were starving, as we walked down the slope, we saw a restaurant with lots of locals. The price was 20,000 pesos for a set lunch that consist of salad, choice of beef steak, fish, fish fillet or chicken and dessert. As we were too hungry to walk to the town, we decided to eat here. It was pricy but it was delicious and big. I had a whole steam fresh water fish…ummmm…yummy !
We had a walk in the town of San Agustin, another colonial town and UNESCO World Heritage site. We bought some food for the next few days and head back to the hostel. The temperature drops to 10°c at night so better tucked in to my bed with thick blanket. :-)

We managed to book ourselves on White Water Rafting the next day on Magdalena River. I wasn’t so sure about how cold the water will be so I put on my titanium rash guard. At the shop we were given a jumper style wetsuit, a helmet and a pair of shoes. We were 5 and the captain. Magdalena River flows northward about 1528km into the Caribbean Sea. We are going to raft down just the 11km. The category of rapids ranging from level 1 to level 4. We started with a slow drift passing thru a few level 1 rapids and then it gets more challenging. During one of the Level 4 rapid, one of them fell in the water, we had to rescue him out of the rapid. It was an hour rafting over the 11km stretch of river. We saw many birds along the way. It was really fun!
We got back for lunch and in the afternoon we have booked ourselves horse riding around the countryside and valleys plus visiting 2 archaeological sites. The ride was good, it was better my second time. At least I could get up and off the horse without help but my knees still hurt. We rode up and down many steep hills for around 3 hours passing plenty of farms, coffee plantations and agricultural. We stop by 2 archaeological sites, my favorite was the 2 statue with color excavated only in 1985. By the end of the day we were exhausted, hands were aching from rafting and knees and butts were aching from horse riding.

It started raining early in the morning so our plan to visit the San Agustin Archaeological site has to be delayed. By lunch time it was getting slightly better, so we went to town for lunch and booked our bus ticket out. We were contemplating between 2 route to the south, we can either take a taxi to Pitalito(45mins), from there take a bus to Mocoa(3 hours) and from Mocoa take another bus to Pasto(5 hours by pick up or 6 hours by bus) this section is bumpy or take a bus to Popayan (5 hours) this section is bumpy, from Popayan take another bus to Pasto or Ipiales (6 hours to 8 hours). At the end we decided the 2nd option because it has 1 connection less and the long stretch is on the Pan-American Highway.

We were surprised to find out how busy it was in the town. I think if not all then 90% of all youngsters from the surrounding villages came to San Agustin on weekend. They traveled to the town by chicken bus but it was packed all the up to the roof of the bus. A bingo activity was held at the square by the political party to attract more supporters as the election is just next week.
We took a bus to the archaeological site 3km out of town. The San Agustin archaeological site is the only place in the world highlighted by 500 imposing stone statues carved in accordance to the mythology of their Indian sculptors. Most of the statues were part of the funerary paraphernalia of the ancient inhabitants of the area and were related to funerary rites, the spiritual power of the dead, and the supernatural world. We have a English speaking guide but his explanations to the statues and sites are always “it is possible” so we only believe 50% of what he said. We spent 2.5 hours walking in the park. I finished the night with 6 beers in the bar with the guide and few other guys from the white water rafting company. It has been a while that I have so many beers. :-)

We were not looking forward to leave San Agustin due to the bumpy 5 hours bus ride back to Popayan. Today we planned to make our trip all the way to Ipiales – the border town of Colombia. We left San Agustin at 8:30am, we arrived Popayan at 1:30pm. Found a connecting bus to Pasto but not to Ipiales, so we took it. It was another 7 hours ride in the bus to Pasto but this time round is better condition on a Pan American Highway. We were exhausted to arrive at Pasto so we decided to stay overnight here and continue to cross the border the next day.

San Agustin – Finca El Maco – P16,000 for a dorm bed with hot shower, towel and soap only 1 PC with internet available.
Pasto - Koala Inn - P16,000 for a dorm bed with hot shower, towel and soap and WIFI available.

Bus from San Agustin to Popayan – P28,000
Bus from Popayan to Pasto – P25,000
Mini Van from Pasto to Ipiales – P7,000
Taxi from Ipiales to Colombian border – P5,000 per taxi
Taxi from Ecuador border to Tulcan - $3.5 per taxi
Bus from Tulcan to Quito - $5

White water rafting at San Agustin 2hrs – P45,000
Horse riding at San Agustin 3.5hrs – P35,000
San Agustin Archaeological Park – P10,000
English speaking Guide – P10,000

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cali, Colombia 16 – 21 Oct 2011

I got into Cali late due to the rain in Salento. I arrived around 8:30pm. I got to the Hostel and found out that it was the last day of Cali famous Salsa festival. I saw the celebration on TV live but I was too tired to get to the stadium where the celebration is.
The next day is a public holiday in Colombia, the hostel gal told me that nothing will be open in the center and advice me to go to the Chipichape shopping mall. I spent the entire day in the mall, window shopping and watched a movie. At night my host Leonardo pick me up from the hostel. He and his mom lives in a big house. They are very friendly and helpful. His mom only speaks Spanish so I got to practice my Spanish. :-)

Leonardo dropped me near to the central in the morning. I found out that Kyle is in town, a traveler I met in Leon, Nicaragua. I went to look for him at the hostel but he was out. San Antonio is an area next to the center with Colonia buildings and up on the hill there is a church. I spent the entire day walking around the center and the city. A local Civil Officer saw me sitting in front of the museum, he approached me and started to give me info about the museums around and what is free. At the end, he became my tour guide to the Museum Religious, Gold Museum and he brought me into the Theater Municipal. It was my first experience seeing the inside of a 100 years old theater, just like in the movie of the 19th century. I was so thankful to him! :-)

Teatro Municipal
I finally met up with Kyle in the afternoon, we have a chance to catch up, he bought a bike and he is going to take a boat into the Amazon with his bike and then ride his bike all the way to Peru, sounds like an interesting journey. He was taking a salsa class from a private teacher near the hostel, I got the contact cause I was looking for one as well so I could take up some Cali salsa lesson while I am in town.
In the evening, Leonardo picked me up from the hostel and we went to the church. It was actually a group of people who offers food and drinks to the poor and homeless lead by the priest. We bought 2 big bags of bread and some has drinks that they carry in a trolley, we left the church walking to the district of poor people. This area is dangerous to be in after dark, so we walk in a big group with the priest as the leader. Along the way, there are kids, adult, women and men approached us for bread. Some carries a bagpack or plastic bag so they can collect more bread. We distributed the bread along the 2km street, we passed by a homeless center where homeless people can sleep in but they have to check in before dark and the place can only take up 200 people. At some point, it gets kind of scary when too many homeless and poor people surround us for bread. Lucky Leonardo was next to me, I was really getting worried. It was a great experience and definitely goodwill to the people in need.
Monumento al Gato del Rio
Leonardo offer me to stay longer in Cali so we could go for some salsa party on Thursday, he also hosted 2 other travelers the next 2 days. One from Cameroon and one from Reunion Island. Next day, I found out that the group of Argentineans I met in Ometepe, Nicaragua is in town. I was so happy to meet them again. I also took up 2 salsa lesson in Cali, their salsa is different from what I’ve learnt, and they work more on the footsteps. It was great to experience different salsa style in different country, so far I’ve tried salsa in Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala and Colombia.

On Friday, I left really early at 4:30am to catch the early bus to Popayan so I could catch the connection bus to San Agustin. It was a 2.5 hours ride from Cali to Popayan, I arrive just in time for the bus leaving to San Agustin.
Cali – Hostel Iguana ( – 18,000 for a dorm bed and WIFI available

Taxi from Cali Terminal to Hostel Iguana – P6,500
Bus from Couchsurfer’s house to central – P1,500
Taxi from Couchsurfer’s house to Terminal – P8,000
Mini Van from Cali to Popayan – P22,000

Movie a Cali– P11,500
Salsa class at Cali – P15,000 per hour

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salento, Colombia 14 -16 Oct 2011

Salento is about 1 hour from Armenia, a small town up in the mountain at 1895m. The average annual temperature of the town is 15 °C. Famous for it's coffee farms and Codora Valley.
A quick stroll to the town to stock up some food for the next few days. The town itself is very touristic with streets of souvenir shops. The shop front are very pretty with their coloful design. It is very busy with local tourist from other part of Colombia during the weekends.  It was cold and humid, the rain started to pour, I've decided to stay in the room for the entire afternoon and catch with my blog and photos.
Next morning I went hiking to the Codora Valley. I took the local jeep that brings people up to the valley about 10kms from town. The jeep picks up passengers from the park and fill it up with 10 to 12 people. Some standing at the back of the jeep just holding to the reeling.
The trek was quiet easy, it was an hour walk passing by some farms and crossing a few hanging bridges. Then it was a 30mins uphill to 2850m to La Montana. Here lives a local with a beautiful house overseeing the mountain. I stopped by for a cup of coffee and then the road went all the way down hill for one and a half hour, along the way the view of the Codora Valley was breathtaking. The Wax Palm tree was abundance here, this is the tree of Colombia.
Wax Palm tree

When I reach back to the starting point, I had my lunch at a local restaurant. They were selling the famous Toucha fish (fresh water fish) I had one that was cooked in cheese and garlic source. It was so delicious. On the way back in the pick up, I had to squad outside the back of the jeep, hanging on tight so I don't fell off the jeep. :-)

On the last day, I decided to rent a bicycle and go cycling in the countryside. The guy drew me a map showing me where to go. It was a 14km trail down to the valley, passing some coffee plantations,  farms and villages and then back up to the town. I had fun going downhill, stop by many places to take some scenic photos. It was an unpaved road all the way down to the river and then up to a small town called Boquia. It was from Boquia that the road went all the way uphill. I had never cycle up such a long steep hill in my life, it took me 1.5 hours to get back but I really felt a great fulfillment after the enduring uphill. :-)

After the bicycle ride, my legs were still wobbling but I had to leave to my next destination, Cali. It started pouring again and I only managed to leave around 2pm. While I was waiting for my bus at the fire station, there were about a hundred Harley Davidson bikers arrive to Salento, it seems that it was a big gathering of HD bikers from Colombia during this public holiday weekend. It was a great parade to see. :-)
Salento – Plantation House ( – 18,000Pesos for a dorm bed and WIFI available

Bus from Armenia to Salento – P3,200 per way
Jeep from Salento to Cocora Valley – P3,000 per way
Bus from Armenia to Cali – P19,900

Bicycle rental at Salento – P8,000 per hour

Bogotá, Colombia 10 – 13 Oct 2011

Bogotá is the capital city and the largest city of Colombia. It is located at 2,625 meters above sea level, the third highest capital city in South America after Quito and La Paz. I will visit all 3 of them in coming 6 months.

After all the bullshit Spirit Air has put up at Miami Airport, I thought I would have trouble getting into Colombia without an exit ticket but what I get from the Colombian Imigration officer is “Bienvenida a Colombia” with a smile. This confirmed that Spirit Air is making it hard for everyone and taking advantage out of it.

Thank goodness my backpack made it as well! J After withdrawal of 300,000 pesos (sounds a lot) from the ATM, I took a taxi to my host house. The exchange is US$1 = 1,800 pesos. As soon as I step out of the airport, the cold temperature caught me by surprise! :-S Result from not doing enough research!
In Bogotá, I got a couch. My host Juan welcomes me with his dog-Yuki. He is also hosting another Couchsurfer Luo and his German Sherpard-Conre. I got along quiet well with Luo immediately. I was amazed that he travelled with his dog and he flew with Conre on the plane from Miami with Conre sitting in the cabin by his legs and he flew for free. :-) Juan lives in a penthouse at a private condo that his family built. He seems well off and it is great that he is generously hosting travelers. He is a chef and he specialise in Japanese and Peruvian food. That night I have a chance to taste his Peruvian meal. It was meat marinated with sesame oil, tomato and onions. Tasted delicious!

After getting the direction right and how to get to the center, I am set to go to the center to meet Francois for lunch. Francois is a traveler I knew from Couchsurfing, we were suppose to meet at Tikal, Guatemala to travel together but due to some changed in my travel plans, we didn’t get to meet. For 3 months we kept in touch, now we finally cross path again. It was pouring that day and freezing, after finally found Francois at the Cathedral, he brought me to a local restaurant for lunch. The price was reasonable, P5,000 for a set local lunch. A set local lunch normally consist of a soup, the main course which is rice,salad and selection of chicken, beef or pork and a drink. He has been in Bogotá for 3 weeks so he knows the place better. He showed me around the center and gave me lots of info. After lunch, I got a free 2 hours city tour from the Tourist Information center. It was good. I finished around 5pm. Using the Metro bus in Bogotá during the peak hours is a bad idea. I was squeeze by hundreds of people while getting to the gate and out of the gate. Worst is to get out at the wrong station and need to get back into the queue again. :-(

Next day I visited the Gold museum. I spent 2 and a half hour in this spectacular museum. I have never seen so much gold in my life, the display and explanation by the audio is excellent. I would say this is the best museum so far. After exiting the museum, a demonstration was going on on the street. It seems to be a big one, the main avenue is close for vehicle and the public bus terminal is close as well. I wanted to visit the other museums but the demonstration is heading that direction. Too many police on the road and too many people on the street, I decided to go back. While I was walking to the next station it started to rain heavily and the road was flooded by the sudden heavy down pour. After about an hour, it finally slows down. I took off my shoes and socks in order to cross the road with water at my knee level and it was freezing cold! :-( That’s it I had enough of Bogota, I am leaving tomorrow!
On the last day, I decided to take the overnight bus to Armenia, during the day, I met up with Francois and some other couchsurfers for lunch. This is the only day that there is some sunshine. So I went up to Mountain Monserrate to see the view of the city. Monserrate is at 3152m high, the cable car transfer people up to the top, there is a beautiful church up there which was visited by thousands of people and pilgrims. From here we can see the entire Bogota city.

At night I took a 9:30pm bus to Armenia. The journey was supposed to be 7.5 hour but due to a broken bus on a narrow road, it has caused a massive few kilometers of traffic jam. I only got there after 11 hours. Which is at my advantage becasue if it arrives on time I will be at Armenia at 5am. I didn't visit Armenia instead I switch to a mini bus to Salento.

Bogotá – Couchsurfing

Taxi from Bogotá Airport to Couchsurfer’s house – P23,000
Bus from Couchsurfer’s house to central – P1700 per way
Taxi from Couchsurfer’s house to Terminal – P12,500
Bus from Bogotá to Armenia – P40,000 

Museo del Oro at Bogotá – P3,000 entrance, P6,000 audio set
Cable car to Monserrate at Bogotá – P7,200 per way

Miami, USA 9 – 10 Oct 2011

This is my second entry to US, slightly more excited than the last time because it is the famous Miami Beach. This time is an overnight stay so I get to step out of the airport. I booked myself a cheap hostel at Miami Beach-Hollywood Beach Hostel @ US$27 per night for a dorm bed! Cheapest I could find!

My flight touches down at 5pm but it took me 1.5 hours to get thru the custom and checkpoint. Another hour to take the bus to the hostel and by the time I arrived at the hostel, it’s already night. I was happy to get the dorm for myself, with aircon and hot shower, at least it’s well worth paying that much. After dropping my bag I head to the beach straight, in the dark with some street lights, I can imagine the beach just like in CSI Miami. During the day time, there must be many sun tanners and bikini babes lying on the beach, a beach volleyball net all set for some hunks to show off their skill and a life guard house with hunky life guard, a no ending cycling path and running path… Just like in the movie. I have to leave early the next day to catch a 10:30am flight out to Bogotá, taking a bus to save cost means I have to leave early at 7am. The sunrise is around 6:30am which means I have a slight chance to see the beach. So I woke up at 6am, went to the beach, there are some who jog and cycle. Unfortunately no sunrise, it was cloudy. L

I arrived at the airport 2 hours before departure, at the counter the Spirit Air staff asked me to show her a ticket or proof of me leaving Colombia. I told her I am leaving via land by local bus, there is no way I can buy a bus ticket from internet. After about 10 minutes of escalation, she was told to send an email to the backend office to see if I can go without an exit ticket. Then I was asked to wait and I waited for 1 hour. While I was standing at the counter, I saw many people having the same problem, some are going for business, some are going home, 2 gals going backpacking just like me etc. The 2 gals who are going backpacking decided to take the offer to be a volunteer for a day with Spirit Air so they get 1 night free stay and free flight to Bogotá the next day, I asked them why? they said they will take the time to sort out their exit ticket. Well, good luck! I stayed in front of the counter insisting I want to fly off. At the last 45 minutes, I urged to the staff again that time is running out, I need to go on this flight. She still has not received any reply from the back office. I have politely asked her to check with her supervisor. At that moment I saw her getting an ok signal from the supervisor, she run back and issued me a boarding pass. I was relief! As you can imagine, I run, taking off my shoes along the way and cutting queue…to make it to the gate just in time for boarding. Now fingers cross that my backpack will make it! J

I felt like the flight company is taking an advantage over us, many people are forced to buy a ticket with them just to be able catch their flight out. Some are able to use the tickets some are not. Lucky for me the staff is very helpful. I knew 3 other travelers who paid over US$200 for a return ticket that they will never use.

Miami – Hollywood Beach Hostel ( )– US$27 for a dorm room with aircon, hot shower and WIFI available

Bus from Fort Lauderdale, FL / Miami airport to Hostel – US$1.70 x 2 buses
Bus from Hostel to Fort Lauderdale, FL / Miami airport – US$1.70 x 2 buses
SpiritAir from Miami to Bogotá incl 1 checked in and 1 hand carry luggage– US$175


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala 24 Sep - 9 Oct 2011

What? Why? Many reasons brought me back to Guatemala but the main reason is Love. Second is to spend my birthday at a special place. Third is to make full use of the money I spent to get to South America. The good thing about this trip is nothing is plan besides the countries that I wanted to visit, so everything is flexible within my spending limit. Finding love is also not part of the deal...J

Arriving at Guatemala City airport, I was surprised to see Santiago waiting with a bunch of roses. J He told me he will be late due to work but at the end he rescheduled his work to another day. He and his friend pick me up from the airport and we spent one night at his friend’s house at Guatemala City, I have the opportunity to meet some of his friends and they are all wonderful people.

The next day, we had to leave early to go to his hometown-San Lucas, a small village next to Lake Atitlan. We took a 3 hours chicken bus that passes by 4 or 5 small villages. It was his grandfather’s birthday, they are having a lunch gathering to celebrate his birthday. I was very nervous to be there because there will be his family, his uncles, aunties and cousins, whole loads of people will be there to meet. I was first introduced to his grandfather, I bought him 2 bottle of old RUM from Costa Rica, he was happy to received the birthday gift. He doesn’t look 79 at all. J Then I met his mother…..we said hi and exchanged a few words. She was reserved! I guess it’s tough for her to find his son’s girlfriend a Chinese from the other end of the world. She seems to be a fantastic woman. His father always looks serious but he was happy to receive 2 bottle of RUM as well. I met all his aunties, uncles and cousins…. They were all very friendly and everyone was smiling. One of them, David speaks English and very friendly, we chatted for a while and he help me with taking photographers of the family, that make me feel much better to be able to talk to someone, but Santiago was always at my side. I met Santiago’s niece as well, she is 3 but she doesn’t want to speak to me nor Santiago because she was very jealous. I didn’t expect that from a 3 years old kid. L That is a tough one…

The lunch was home cook chicken, vegetables and fragrance rice cooked by Santiago’s mom, it was very delicious! The family was warm and friendly. It was not so bad afterall.

We left after lunch to San Pedro La Laguna. I felt good to be back, familiar people, streets, restaurants and shops. For the next 2 weeks I am back for more Spanish class with Cooperativa Spanish School and I was happy that my teacher Mynor is available to teach me.
Feel good to be back in routine again. I learnt more Spanish, visited Felipe and his family, have coffee at my favorite coffee place and ate at Mila’s, La Piscina, Jarachic and Vantana Blue Restaurant. Santiago and I got to know each other more and discover the hidden side of each other. Even though he lives in San Pedro, he works in Panajachel, another town by Lake Atitlan. He leaves to work every morning by boat and return in the evening.
One day I went with him to Panajachel to see how is his work place. He works in a Mobile Clinic run by the Ministry of Health, it provides free medical service for the locals. He has his own clinic in San Pedro but he opens his clinic only in the evening and weekends, not many people know him as his schedule is not fixed.

The weather has not been good, a lot of rain in the evening and night. That makes it colder at night. Temperature can be down to 10°c. L Once it starts to rain, there is nothing much to do other then hiding under the blanket. Due to the continuous rain, the water level in the lake has risen to more than a meter since 2 months ago. Some houses along the lake had been badly affected. The Jetty will be under water in no time….and there is nothing they can do about it. Just hope for the raining season to be over soon.
On my birthday, early in the morning Santiago set off some fireworks, this is common local practice here to set fireworks for any kind of celebration, something new and special for me. Mynor my teacher invited me for breakfast, kind of surprised me. J I received tons of wishes on Facebook, which makes me smile from ear to ear. I felt that even thought I am far away, I am still being remembered. I felt warm in my heart! J I visited the Post Office to check the status of my postage from Malaysia, and it was there!! Even thought the expected “Mooncake” didn’t make it, I still get my “minyak angin” and my foot sole that I forgot. Thanks so much to Adelyn. In the evening, it started to rain cats and dogs, we couldn’t go out or do anything. I have to satisfy with only Pizza for my birthday.

The Sunday, 2 October, I have a rendezvous with my best friends in Singapore. Finally after 4 and half months, I see everyone on SKYPE. We had a lot to talk… Koen being Koen started with his nonsense, Christine was as cool as ever, both got a new job and happy with the change. Amy still looking good even after putting on a few kilos from Italy. Winnie looks more tone up after losing a few kilos from her workout. It was so great to catch up with all the updates!

On the 4 October, there is a fiesta in Panajachel. The name of the fiesta is Fiesta San Francisco de Asís. Basically every town here is named after a Saint and each Saint has a special day for the celebration. During this week of celebration, many make shift stalls opened on the street selling food, drinks, cloths, games etc. A few mobile Ferries’ wheel, Viking and other rides were setup. Young and old enjoy the ride and the celebration. In front of the church, a big stage was setup for music and performance. On the actual night of celebration, locals gathered in to dance, they wear mask, wigs and local costume and dance in line. This cultural dance is almost like a slow version of cumbia. The place is packed with people even with the rain, many were drunk by 9pm. Fireworks blasted just above our head, we can see the rain of fire falling from the sky, we had to run for cover. There is really no such thing as safety here. J If you are not careful, you might get hit by one of the ferry’s wheel carriage! The celebration ends with fireworks set out on a stage decorated with picture of the Saint and his name. Interesting!

Santiago has a dog, she is a 6 months old Akita. Her name is Wila. If you have watch Hachiko, you will know which species is she. Even though 6 months old, she is big. At home she destroyed anything that she can get hold of, one day she managed to tear down my laundry, my favorite white blouse and my long sleeve sweater both are gifts from friends. I was mad with her. Later I found out that Akita demand a lot of attentions, if she doesn’t get it she will start to destroy things to get attention, just like kids.

 2 weeks went pass, it is time for me to move to the south. I've bought tickets to Bogota, Colombia. SpiritAir a low cost American Airline offer cheaper flight to Colombia than TACA or COPA Airline but I need to fly thru Miami. Santiago's friend Nestor put us up for one night in Guatemala City, we went for dinner and have a drink at the bar. While at the bar, 2 gun shots blasted outside the bar, Santiago pull me down immediately. It was the security guard who sent his warning to some guys who are starting a fight. Guatemala City is known to be dangerous, I would not have been out if I was not with Santiago and his friends. We left after the situation has settled down.
During these 2 weeks, I felt calm, good and happy while with Santiago but I know this is not the right time yet, what I want now is to continue with my travel. We know we will be together eventually if we are meant to be. He gave me his support and that was what I most appreciated. It meant a lot to me and I know I will be be back for him. :-) 


NA – stay with friends


Bus from Guatemala City to San Lucas – Q30
Bus from San Lucas to Santiago – Q5
Boat from Santiago to San Pedro La Laguna –Q20
Boat from San Pedro to Panajachel – Q25

Bus from San Pedro to Guatemala City – Q30

SpiritAir Guatemala City to Fort Lauderdale, FL / Miami with 1 checked in and 1 carry on luggage - US$211

Security fees at Guatemala City airport - Q20
Spanish Class at Cooperative Spanish School  - US$90 for 4hrs x 5 days