Saturday, April 2, 2011

1 month left in Singapore

1 month left in Singapore, that’s how fast time passes. Yesterday I had sent in my resignation letter, with a big smile on my face, I felt good! I felt relieve! I felt free for the first time in my life. 20 years of work life has brought me to where I am now, I am thankful and satisfy. This break will fit in perfectly. J
Over the last 1 month, preparation for the trips keep me motivated, I have finally sorted out the cat issue. I will bring Ginger back to Malaysia legally! After trying posting Ginger at Amy’s house for 2 nights,  a complete nightmare and total disaster, we gave up. So we decided to smuggle him to Malaysia but then Anita gave me a good suggestion, why not get him over legally? All the while I thought it will be troublesome with lots of paper works, but found out later that it is not so difficult after all. J
I’ve got my US Visa as well for 10 years, seems too easy. J Next was to get my flight tickets, I was contemplating between spending more time in Japan or San Francisco, at the end I chose Japan. Just 1 day before the catastrophe in Japan, I bought my ticket. SG –> NARITA (10 days) –> DALLAS –> MEXICO CITY. It seems to have shaken the world! Or I am just unlucky L so screwed up! Till now I am still waiting to see if I can get a full refund from JAL for  SG –> Narita route, then I will see how I can change my 2nd route to Mexico City. Argggg!
Apart from that something else went smoothly, the gals and me went to Bangkok for a weekend, did some crazy shopping and eating and got my student card made, I am 25 again. :-)
I managed to sell off most of my stuff, got some hosting offered by some couchsurfers in Mexico, got part of my vaccination done. My sister helps me to move most of my stuff back to Malaysia. I’ve got someone to adopt my aquarium and plants. And of course Ginger is going to migrate too! J
While this big trip is coming in a month time, I have also planned a trip to hike Mt Rinjani in Lombok on the 22nd Apr 2011, this push me to train and stay fit. It is a good preparation before my RTW trip. J But to the gals who are coming with me on this trip, they seem to think they have sign up the wrong package. Haha… Don’t worry, we will make it all together! If not Andy will carry us up. :-p