Sunday, May 22, 2011

Japan 14- 23 May 2011

After much thought about the situation in Japan I finally decided to go. I’m glad I did and never regretted it! Life goes on as normal here, less tourist for sure and neon lights at some popular streets are not fully lid up but yet the Japanese are still out in the street with their weirdest dressing and hairstyle. J

I was lucky to be hosted by CP in Tokyo, I have a chance to experience living in a petit Japanese house. She showed me the most happening place in Tokyo and all the good food around. Living in Tokyo is very expensive, and as a foreigner is not easy, language will be a big barrier to overcome. To say thank you every time you do something or nothing is tiring for me.
I have a chance to walk thru Harajuku street to look for the unusual dress up of Harajuku gals, there are weird yet cute! I find that Japan offers a lot of cute (kawaii) things be it dressing, food, souvenir, decorative, or knick knacks. Too dolly for my taste!

The Tsukiji Fish Market, never to be missed! The biggest in the world indeed. No, I didn’t go to the auction in the morning, it was just too early. There were a hand full of tourist that morning, most of them are Japanese tourist from outside Tokyo. The radioactive issue has caused a big impact on the tourism industry, but I think Japan is self sufficient with the support from the locals.

Houses in Japan are small and miniature, if a 6 feet dutch would have live in a Japanese house, they will be like a giant in the miniature land. J I love their house, their tatami floor, their sliding door, their recycle system, and their recycle toilet flush, and bonsai tree in the garden. Japan is very environmental conscious country as everyone recycles and bus driver stop the engine at each stop, all aiming towards saving the earth. If only all country in the world will follow.

In terms of cleanliness, it’s unbelievable! People kept their rubbish in plastic bag until they find a dustbin, dogs owner bring water to wash the peeing spot when their dog pee and wipe when their dog poo. Their dogs are polite like the owner. J

Politeness… oh my god they say thank you and excuse me a million time. Language is not an issue, even tho they speak little English they will try very hard to help you.

Safety! Gosh this is the safest place on earth!

Public transport is the best, you can get to anywhere within minutes with the complicated train system. I am amazed at how the railway/subway traffic control is managed so efficiently. Their trains leave on the dot.

What I find unusual in Japan? All the man goes to work with their suits and I meant all! From man directing traffic on the street junction to CEO, some cycle to work with a suit and tie too and women with their mini skirt and high heels.  You need to silent your phone in the train and bus, no talking on the phone while sitting at priority seat. They are very respectful to others. They are very dedicated to their job. You also don’t find a lot of foreign workers here on the street or constructions, they are mostly professional. If you can own a temple or shrine, you will be a rich! J That is because there are lots of ways to get donations.

Overall, I like Japan. Nice country to visit and unique. You should not miss the cheap package offer to Japan now, Best time to come! I didn’t glow and extra finger or eye… :-p
Till the next country, sayonara!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Finale

The day has arrived, my farewell party was organized by Winnie and celebrated with all my friends from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Switzerland, England, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Germany, England, Italy and US. It was a memorable gift from all of them. Luv you all who came to say good bye! Thank you for all the tequila shots…J and all the useful gifts for my trip. I really enjoyed the Mexican dress up party! I didn’t know I have such sporting friends! For those who can’t make it, no worries, we will cross path some other days. At office too I went for a lunch with my colleagues. A great team to work with for 5 years.


Lovely cards from friends
The hiking trip to Rinjani just before I left has also made a great memory, 5 of us took up the challenge to climb 3726m but only 3 made it to the top. It was a very tough hike as the volcano sand and rock makes it twice difficult to climb compare to Mt. KK  @ 4095m which I have conquer in 2007.  The view on top is magnificent! Breathtaking!

Final papers required for Ginger is completed, paid RM5 for his Import Permit to Malaysia, S$50 for his Export Permit from Singapore, got his Rabies jab and his health certificate. He is all ready to go. All in KL and Kuantan has been notified of his arrival, everyone was anticipating and nervous for his arrival….until I came home without him….:-p
Anita and David came to say good bye 2 days before I leave, they have not seen Ginger for 6 years, they previously took care of Ging. Strangely Ging seems to remember David well, he reacted like he knew him, started to play chase with him which they often did before… they can’t bear to let Ginger live in Kuantan, a kampong style living might be too stressful for Ging so they decided to keep him. :-) Yeah! I was really happy and grateful, I know Ginger will be in good hand with them. He is now living in Journey East. He is a lucky cat! He better make sure he charms some customers….

Packing packing and packing, you won’t know how much junk you have accumulated until you need to move, the house was in a mess, boxes and plastic bags everywhere. I have dump quiet a lot of junk and donated 2 big bags of usable stuff to salvation army. Lucky for me Amy offer to drive me back to KL. We loaded everything into her car, we can’t even see the rear window…only till we drop off the stuff at Salvation army. Hehe… Now I am back to Kuantan, my home town. I have to unpack and repack for my trip in 10 days, still have a few things to sort out, Phil's wedding this weekend and farewell with friends in KL, yaiks! Is coming too fast! L