Friday, January 7, 2011

Geography Class

Since I have only been travelling in Asia and Europe, the other side of the world seems to be a big ? to me. First step, study the Geographical map! :-) What's out there?

The world is divided into 7 continents, Asia being the largest, follow with Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia. Interesting thing is New Zealand is not part of any of these continents. It is rather a part of Zealandia - a submerged continent. The continent of Australia, along with Zealandia constitutes a region called Oceania or Australasia.
Here is a table of Number of Countries in each continents.

ContinentsNo. Of Countries
North America23
South America13

I came out with a Excel table listing down each country per continent, then I list down the capital for each country. After deciding which country I wanted to go I checked out the VISA requirement for each. I would say Malaysia Passport is not that bad after all  I only need VISA for Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mozambique, US and China. I am trying very hard to avoid US but that seems to be tough if I am landing in Mexico.

So here is the rough plan of where I want to go. I might add Japan as my first stop if the flight has to go thru Japan.

FlightOver LandEstimation
SG/MY-MexicoMexico//Belize//Guatemala//Honduras//El Salvador//Nicaragua//Costa Rica3 months
Costa Rica-EcuadorEcuador//Peru//Bolivia//Chile//Agentina//Brazil5 months
Brazil-South AfricaSouth Africa//Namibia//Botswana//Zimbabwe//Zambia//4 months
Uganda-EgyptEgypt//Jordan//Syria//Turkey2 months
Turkey-NepalNepal//Tibet//China Silk Road3 months
China-MongoliaMongolia1 months

Long list eh... Some of the countries in Africa might be skipped as they are sharing the same safari. Mongolia is kind of difficult to slot in as the timing has to be good, I don't want to get there when it is freezing cold so it is still an option. Timing wise is just an estimation, I know some of it sounds like I am just rushing thru it, so will see. So far here is the plan....

If you have been to any of the country above, I would love to hear from you, your experience, any advice is appreciated.

Anyone wants to join me somewhere? :-)

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  1. OOohs, Japan sounds really tempting now :P