Wednesday, August 31, 2011

La Ceiba – Copan Ruinas – Tegucigalpa, Honduras 26-30 Aug 2011

I spent 1 night at La Ceiba after getting back from Roatan. I had a look around La Ceiba, a small port city by the northern coast of Honduras. A place where  travellers pass thru to go to the Bay Islands. The night in Banana Republic Hostel, I was bitten badly by a bed bug, I finally manage to kill it when it run over my face. Luckily I had my “Minyak Angin” Chinese oilmen with me to apply to get rid of the itch but unfortunately I left it on the bed when I left. :-( It’s something very useful for travel.

Waking up without sufficient sleep, I dragged myself to the bus station and catch the 7am bus to San Pedro Sula. San Pedro Sula is the 2nd biggest city in Honduras, all the buses from the north, east and south transit here. So I have to catch another bus from here to Copan Ruinas. The bus from La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula broke down 1 hour before we arrived to San Pedro. We had to switch to another bus but the other bus broke down 10 minutes after. :-( We had to wait 30 minutes by the road site for the next bus to pick us up. The journey was long. Lucky for a helpful Honduran, he shown me the bus to take to Copan Ruinas. The journey continue for another 4 hours.

I’m happy to arrive in Copan Ruinas and found the hotel to check in. I was not expecting to see a pretty little town on the hill site surrounded by jungle. I came to Copan Ruinas to meet up with Santiago, a rendez-vous. :-) We visited Copan Ruins the next day, I was surprised with the hefty entrance fees to the park. It was a rip off when the gal told me that tourist have to buy the combo ticket to the park US$15 together with the entrance to the tunnel which is another US$15.

RosalinaThe ruins are not as huge as Tikal and the area is not as wild. Yet the architecture and sculpture are amazing. We also visited the 2 tunnels- Rosalina and Los jaguares which no where else in Central America ruins you get to see this. In the Rosalina tunnel we could see the old structure of Rosalina temple. We also stroll thru the jungle trail by the ruins area and around the Copan river. Unfortunately compare to Tikal, there isn’t much wild life here.
I spent a great weekend here with Santiago but we have to bid farewell. After Copan Ruinas, I made my way to Leon, Nicaragua. I need to break the trip into 2 days because it is a 16 hours journey and there is no direct bus. Getting to Tegucigalpa the capital city of Honduras is not every travelers favor because this city is known to be doggy and extremely dangerous. I had no choice, so I got in before sunset, check in to a hotel and left the next morning.

I had took Tica Bus to Leon, Nicaragua. Even thought it is more expensive compare to the normal chicken bus but it is more convenient. I didn’t even need to cross the custom myself, the bus assistance did everything. The only thing we need to do is to bring our bags thru the custom check in at Nicaragua border.
I left Honduras after 12 days. I’ve enjoyed Roatan the most. People are helpful and friendly here.  The country is not as colorful and  interesting as Guatemala I must say.

La Ceiba – Banana Republic Hostel – L150 for a dorm bed with kitchen
Copan Ruinas – Hotel Calle Real – US$20 for a double bed private room with TV and attached bathroom
Copan Ruinas – Hostel en la Manzana Verde – L130 for a dorm bed without kitchen
Tegucigalpa – Hotel Granada – US$20 for a double bed private room with TV and attached bathroom

Bus from La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula – L100 non air condition
Bus from San Pedro Sula to Copan Ruinas – L130 non air condition
Bus from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa – L110 non air condition
Bus from Tegucigalpa to Leon, Nicaragua – L380 air condition Tica Bus
Taxi from bus terminal to Hotel Granada – L80 per way

Copan Ruinas – US$30 entrance fee to Copan Ruinas archeological site and underground tunnel


  1. We only bought the $15 entrance ticket w/o the tunnels. They didn't require that we buy the whole thing. On the nature trail,we also saw a strange animal (rat/pig mix) and a dead wild cat on the trail. but not so much like Tikal. In ceiba we found a nice hotel that even had a pool for the same price as a double in banana. check our blog for tips. we found the greatest place in leon and granada too. although granada place doesn't have dorms but was one of the nicest places in all of nic. great kitchen and family! safe travels.

  2. Beautiful photos. I didn’t check out the tunnels when I was there. I kind of wish I had. We totally tried to bribe the guy who was guarding the gate to let us both in for $10. No joy. Since when can't you bribe someone in CA? Maybe next time. Copan was by far the favorite of all the ruins we visited in CA.