Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cuenca, Ecuador 8-9 Nov 2011 and Piura, Peru 10 Nov 2011

My flight from Galapagos arrived in Guayaquil, from here I will take a bus to Cuenca where I was supposed to meet Francois. We planned to travel together to Peru and Bolivia because we both have the similar plan, timing and budget. When I was at the bus terminal of Guayaquil, I bumped into him, it was such a coincident. We then took the bus together to Cuenca, arrived at 8pm, found a hostel and just had a quick dinner nearby. It was back to COLD weather again.

The next morning, we visited some of the tons of Iglesia in town. We changed some Peruvian money as well because we read that at the Peruvian border there are lot’s of counterfeit. The exchange for US$ to Soles is US$1 = S2.69. After lunch, it started to rain heavily. It was cold and wet! :-( We were supposed to go to a Couchsurfing place 1 hour away from Cuenca but when we called her, she was not prepared to receive us and gave us a lot of excuses. After some discussion, we decided to move on to Peru. We took the direct bus that leaves to Piura in Peru. It was a 10 hours bus ride with a change of bus in Machala. We crossed the Ecuador and Peru border during midnight but there wasn’t any problem.

We arrived in Piura not that we wanted to do anything here but it is as far as the bus could bring us. From here we need to take another 15 hours bus to Lima. When we arrived in Piura, we met Luis, a singer from Argentina and Moses, his Manager from Lima. They were going to Lima as well. So we went to find our bus to Lima together but it was a bit complicated here in Peru because all the bus company is not located in one terminal, they have their own office and terminal. We had to walk a long way with our backpack to go to the area where it has more buses to Lima. We wanted to take the earliest bus to Lima but the next earliest bus to Lima is at 5:30pm. Shit! We have 12 hours to kill and there isn’t much to see in Piura. We spent the day roaming around the bus station, go internet cafĂ© and sat around the terminal. :-( 2 days of no shower and 2 nights in the bus really exhausted us. I just want to jump into a shower as soon as I arrive in Lima. Luckily the bus we took was very comfortable, they served us with snacks, dinner and breakfast. We had a good night sleep to Lima.

La Casa Cuencana - $7 for private double room with shared bathroom and WIFI available but in a different building.

Taxi from Guayaquil airport to terminal - $3.5
Bus from Guayaquil to Cuenca - $8
Taxi from Cuenca terminal to La Casa Cuencana - $2
Bus from Cuenca to Piura - $17.50
Bus from Piura to Lima – S85


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