Monday, January 2, 2012

Cordoba, Argentina 19-21 Dec 2011

The bus from Salta took 13 hours instead of 12. I called my host’s sister from the bus station and she was able to wait for me at her house. The taxi I took drop me off 2 block away from the actual location, what an idiot! My host – Cristian has a nice apartment with 2 bedrooms, his sister Mechi welcome me to their house. The heat outside was unbearable, I took a shower and a bit of rest. In the afternoon, Mechi brought me to a nearby shopping mall. Lots of Christmas decoration and many people shopping in the mall. I was enjoying the air conditioning more than shopping. At night, Cristian brought me to his girlfriend’s house to celebrate her Diploma graduation. Together with her family and friends, we had a great night eating and chatting.
I was looking forward for today because Elena arrived from France. We were travelling together in Mexico and Cuba. She is now here for Christmas holiday and we will visit Juan in San Juan together. It felt like just last week we have parted. :-) I can’t believe we are here in Argentina together!

Today we spent our time visiting the town of Cordoba, it was 43°c outside, hot and dry! Back home we have only 35°c with humidity. Elena came from France in the winter, she was the happiest gal in town, loving the sun and the heat, I was staying in the shade all the time. We spent the day catching up and reminding ourselves of the beautiful memories in Mexico and Cuba. We also bought our bus ticket to San Juan, we leave the next day at night to escape from this hot city.
Cordoba was the 2nd biggest town in Argentina, with Christmas around the corner, Everyone is  in town, shopping. We noticed that the town was very dirty, my host told me that it was because the garbage and cleaning people were on strike so no one was cleaning the street. :-( We had a bit of shopping too and visited a few Iglesias. We went to the nearby park hopefully to find a shady place to rest and chill unfortunately there weren’t enough big trees in the park. The heat was really killing us, we stop for drink every few kilometers.

Overall, we didn’t enjoy ourselves, it was the heat that spoilt our time in Cordoba.

Taxi from Terminal to CS House – A19
Bus from Cordoba to San Juan – A215


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