Monday, September 3, 2012

Ready for Nepal

All packed and ready to go. 14kg of backpack, 4kg of day pack and 1kg of sling bag.

For Kathmandu and Africa, I have packed in additional items on top of these list ( 
  • a pullover (for cold weather at altitude)
  • a thick gloves (for cold weather at altitude)
  • a stack of blister plaster (for blister from too much hiking)
  • a binoculars (for birds and animals)
  • additional pair of trekking and winter socks  (for cold weather at altitude)
  • additional set of long sleeve shirt and trekking pants  (for cold weather at altitude)
  • a cooking mess tin (for Africa)
  • a water bottle
I will need to buy these in Kathmandu
  • a set of walking sticks
  • some energy bars
  • a single man lightweight tent (for Africa)
  • a camping stove (for Africa)
  • a matt (for Africa)
Preparation before Kathmandu
As I plan to hike to Annapurna Base Camp(ABC), it will be a 14-16 days trek with minimum 5 hours trekking everyday. I need to prepare myself for this tough and challenging hike. I was back in Kuantan after Perhentian for my training. I only have one month.

First week I started with walking and running, everyday 1 hour walk and 30 mins run, I suffered from muscle ache for a week, then I started badminton once a week. After a week I started to walk with 4L of water in my backpack and 40 mins run without the backpack. On the 3rd week, I started to hike the 250meters hill in Kuantan (can't find any higher) on alternate day with running. Then I started to carry 5L of water to hike and add on to 7kg later on. Sometimes I go thru the jungle trek instead of the pave road. I felt my knees complaining so I have take some days off too. Hopefully with these training, it will be sufficient to reach ABC :-(. And for the altitude, there is nothing much I could do here. I will need to hike slowly to acclimatise and drink lots of water.
Annapurna Base Camp

I am looking forward to conquer ABC! Wish me luck! :-)

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