Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bariloche, Argentina 16-19 Jan 2012

Bariloche is well known for its gorgeous settings along Lake Nahuel Huapi with peaks of Cerros Catedral, L√≥pez, Nireco and Shaihuenque but when I arrived, it was completely dusty and hazy with visibility bad enough that I can’t see what is across the lake. The continuous eruption from Volcano Cordon Caulle from Chile has caused severe air pollution to this town.

My host picks me up from the terminal, he lives 7km from town in an area surrounded by forest. His dog Bufi is adorable, very friendly and charming. The weather for the next 2 days was better, the sky was clear because the wind was not blowing to Bariloche direction. In the morning, we walked to the lake side near his house with Bufi, the water in the lake was cold but it didn’t bother Bufi as he run in and out of the water to collect the stick we threw. 

In the evening, we made asado in his huge courtyard. It was a nice and relaxing day spent with my host. At night, while I was preparing to go to sleep, he was in his hammock in the house and he asked me to go into his hammock with him. Well, first of all the hammock is for one person, second of all, I know where this will lead to so I refuse his proposal and went to my bed.

The third day in the morning, I was about to make pancake for breakfast, he told me that he is going to town in 10 minutes, I thought that’s weird why didn’t he tell me the night before. OK never mind, probably he has something to do last minute. I have to abandon my pancake and packed up in 10 minutes. The whole way to town he didn’t talk much, when I asked him is everything ok, he just said yes. He dropped me in the square and drove off. I was actually prepared for this because when he accepted my request, I actually found out that he has 3 negative references, one gal said that he jump into her bed and the other warned single gals not to couchsurf with him. Now I understand why. This guy is weird, he was nice with me the first two days and next he completely shut down and gave me his unhappy face. So what should I do now? I have one more night! Should I move to a hostel? I don’t have the key to the house and if I do that, it will be very rude. the I decided I will stay but will try to be careful and be prepared to leave the house at any time. The entire day I stayed in town but the problem bothers me. 

I visited the town, it was full of tourist and Chocolate shops. The massive church by the lake was quiet impressive. I could finally see the peaks surrounding the lake and I can imagine how beautiful it is during winter when all of the peaks are covered with snow. There weren’t much to do here in town unless I sign up with some excursion to the surrounding lakes. I didn’t want to spend the money to go for another touristy tour so I spent some time by the lake. By 5pm, I was ready to go back. Lucky I had a map with me and figured out how to take the bus as he didn’t explain to me clearly. I even buy my bus ticket for the next day just in case he doesn’t want to send me to the terminal.

When I arrived home, he was working on his house. I tried to be friendly and trying to find out if his bad mood is over. After a few Q&A...Nop! He is still not ok. So I went back into my room and do my own things. Around 7pm in the evening, he said he is going to town, so I had to go with him. He told me that there is a demonstration in town that he wants to join, it is protesting against miners whom pollute the water in the lake. We spent 2 hours in town.

By the night, he recovered a little and asked me what time is my bus tomorrow. I was leaving early at 8:30 in the morning. He said we will have to leave the house by 8am then. That means he will be sending me to the terminal. I really appreciate that. I do not know what to think now.
We said good bye, I was thankful that he hosted me for 3 nights, it also left me puzzle with his behavior. How do I leave a comment for him? I still hasn’t done it till today. :-(


Bus from Bariloche to Puerto Montt– P13,000


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