Saturday, February 25, 2012

Colon, Argentina 22-23 Feb 2012

From Mercedes to Colon was smooth, no more mud ride. I arrived at 3:30am in Colon, half awake, I found a spot in the terminal to continue my sleep.

I read that Colon is a Artesaneas town, in February there is a big artisan festival. This is the reason I come here. Unfortunately, I found out from the taxi driver that the festival is over! Bummer!

It was hard to find information of this town, not so popular on the foreign tourist trail. I managed to get 2 hostel name from the web other seems really expensive. When the taxi driver drove me to the first hostel, there was a big sign ¨Se Vende¨ means For Sale. Shit! That explain why I can´t find it listed on Hosteling International. Let's try the second one on my list. It end up to cost AP300 for the only double room available.That is crazy! This is not Patagonia or Buenos Aires, why is it so expensive. The taxi driver suggested to me to camp, he told me I can rent a tent at the camp site and so I agreed. I took a tent at a camp site by Rio Uruguay which was pretty nice place but it cost me the price of dormitory bed in Patagonia. I´ve decided to just stayed one night and get out of this expensive place. Furthermore the festival is over. :-(

The town is just full of over price souvenirs, not interesting at all. The so call ¨beach¨ by Rio Uruguay was ok but not fantastic. The water of the river was almost green color, I find it disgusting but the Argentinean seems to have no problem with it. So no Artisan, no swimming in the river, I went to internet cafe.

Since I lost my computer which is my primary back of all my photos, my secondary backup in my portable hard disk now became my primary. I have to transfer my photos directly to my hard disk now. I found one internet cafe that was able to read my hard disk. It was old PC and out of date anti virus. I swear if I could or if I would or if I should, sign... I should not have used the computer. If I didn´t used the computer, I would have still been able to read my photos in the hard disk. :-(

What happen was I plugged in both my camera and my hard disk, I was able to transfer all the photos since Buenos Aires till today to the hard disk. I was able to browse and upload some files. After I left the shop, I tried to browse my photos in the camera, ¨No Photos Found¨ I said ¨Shit! This can´t be happening to me now, this is my one and only backup¨ I recalled this problem before, it happen when we plugged in to a computer that has some kind of virus, it will changed all the folders to a shortcut. Then other devices will not be able to read the folders anymore but the files are still in the memory card or storage. I was really piss! My 9 months photos are now not accessible! I could not try my hard disk on another computer to verified because internet cafe here were limited and Win XP can´t recognised the hard disk. It really spoilt my day. What should I do now? Being a IT engineer, that brain automatically start to think of solutions. Option one, go back to that computer and try to upload everything online. I figured with the speed, it will probably take me 3 days... Option two, Buy a new Hard Disk, connect to the other computer in the shop that was not infected, make a copy across the network, that will probably confuse the gal in the shop and hard for me to explain to her. I want to scream!!!! Urgggg!

I went back to my tent, cool down and told myself to drop it. Leave it as it is, I will find a solution back home, at least for now I know the files are still inside. That´s how I spent my day in Colon. Not so good encounter.

*** Appologised no photos available at the moment to post as my computer was stolen ***

Rented a tent at a camp site - AP80

Taxi from bus terminal to search for accommodation - AP40
Taxi from camp site to terminal - AP15
Bus from Colon to Gualeguaychu - AP15.50


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  1. OHhh what happened to you is definitely not nice! I hate it when you lose something so valuable in terms of emotions! I remember once I was ending my trip in Argentina and wanted to see all the pics I had taken. I tried and it did not work. Thanks to the company with which I had a Buenos Aires rent I was able to fix it. The lady that worked there recommended a place for me to go to have it repaired. She saved me!